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Everyone may find their story in this book and remind them that shit happens in life, and that this is just the pattern life follows. It was not their fault in whatever happened with them. Even if they don’t find their story in this book, they might be able to relate to some of the incidents from their life that are holding them back. The book shall guide them on releasing any pain, guilt, or discomfort they might be carrying from their childhood. It will nudge them to take responsibility for overcoming their limiting beliefs; to evoke self-belief and achieve massive success in all areas of life.

Parents, To-be Parents, Guardians, Teachers: This book should act as an alert manual for them and awaken the much-needed consciousness in their respective role. It shall navigate them on how to control the probable damages that a lousy childhood could cause and prepare the children to score high in the most critical subject, called life. Their role has a massive responsibility in saving probable damages to many lives. They can help raise happy human beings, loving spouses, and conscious parents, which is way beyond the cliché of scoring high in academic subjects

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Jatin Gupta aka Inspiring Jatin is a certified Life Coach, expert in Clarity and Self Growth Coaching, Author, TVET Trainer certified by MEPSC, Government of India, Corporate Trainer certified by Dale Carnegie on delivery techniques, and a Speaker. Google shows his brand in 'Best Life Coach in India' category. He works with young folks like you who may be unaware of the vision in life, not enjoying your current work/business, struggling to overcome negative emotions from the past that are holding you back to succeed, unable to make the right decisions in any area of life, struggling with marriage and relationships. Jatin has 14+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Since 2010, he has trained and coached over 5000 people and helped break through the obstacles that were holding them back in life. After having touched so many lives with his coaching sessions and earning the title of Inspiring Jatin, his mission is to impact more than 1 million lives in the next five years. His vision is to equip as many lives as possible, with the tools and techniques to exert the power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

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